We meet your unique needs through a mix of pilates to achieve maximum results

Dynamic Group Classes

A 60-minute class utilizing the Reformer, this session will help tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Maximum of 8 people per classes.

Post Rehab Classes

Post Rehab classes are the perfect class for your post-rehabilitation and enhancing your movement performance.


Mat Classes

A 50-minute class using the mat for you get the attention you need while enjoying a dynamic workout. Maximum of 6 people per classes.


Teen Pilates

Teen Pilates classes for groups are a maximum of 8 people 12- 18 years old. Improve posture, awareness, and body confidence while increasing flexibility.

Personal Training

All training is 50 minutes. Private sessions provide you with a full-body Pilates workout that is crafted around your personal health and fitness goals.

Group Eguipment Classes

Groupe a maximum of 5 people. All Classes are 50 minutes. These small group sessions are a fun and cost-effective way to supplement your current Pilates program.


We are professional and high-quality Pilates Studio with modern equipment, experienced instructors, abundant light, high ceilings, and wood floors. We offer a wide variety of classes from personal training and dynamic Pilates to relaxing candlelight and everything in between.

All of our instructors are fully certified in the Pilates Method and have experience teaching at all levels. Our mission is to provide quality Pilates that is fun & fulfilling to all of our clients. All of our programs promote strength, self-control, and concentration. Small group classes and the drive to teach and inspire, keep our clients committed to their well-being. Come see why our members enjoy our Pilates Studio.


Our Pilates Studio is proud of its cheap pricing table. Do not forget about special discounts on our services that we regularly offer to our clients.

Group Classes

Single class - $18

6 classes package - $100

12 classes package  - $180

Personal Training

Single class - $25

6 classes package - $140

12 classes package  - $270

Post Rehab Classes

Single class - $35

6 classes package - $180

12 classes package  - $360


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